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Strategic Management Applied to International Construction

Author(s): R Howes and J H M Tah
Publication Date: February 2003
ISBN: 9780727732118
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The past 50 years has seen a steady increase in the number of construction businesses operating on a global basis. However, in recent years, there has been a total transformation of the international business market into more of an integrated holistic community and this trans...

Ground Bearing Concrete Slabs

Author(s): John Knapton, Consultant
Publication Date: January 2003
ISBN: 9780727731869
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Ground bearing concrete floors, industrial concrete hardstandings and concrete highway pavements have not, in the past, been perceived as a single type of structural element and their construction has taken place independently of each other. This is in spite of their obvious ...

Achieving Results: How to Create Value

Author(s): Roy Woodhead and James McCuish
Publication Date: January 2003
ISBN: 9780727731845
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£42.80 £53.50

A company’s ability to quickly adapt to the changing demands and requirements of its customers has become an essential requirement for it’s long-term survival. Managers must not limit their thinking to ‘just’ the product or project’s value but more importantly what will make ...

Quantifying and managing disruption claims

Author(s): Hamish Lal, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Construction and Engineering Group
Publication Date: December 2002
ISBN: 9780727731654
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Claims involving disruption are commonly accepted to be the most difficult to quantify. Disruptions that occur during a working day can lead to productivity loss which, in turn, can lead to time and cost overruns. If the disruption consumes the entire float in an activity, th...

A Short Course in Geotechnical Site Investigation

Author(s): N. Simons, University of Surrey, B. Menzies, GDS Instruments Ltd and M. Matthews, University of Surrey
Publication Date: October 2002
ISBN: 9780727729484
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£74.80 £93.50

A Short Course in Geotechnical Site Investigation is the third volume in the popular and authoritative 'Short course' series. This book focuses on the fundamental principles of geotechnical site investigation - in particular the planning of the investigation. This indispens...

Practical Adjudication for Construction Professionals

Author(s): Leslie Edwards, Principal Consultant at Mouchel Consulting Limited and Richard N M Anderson, Barrister
Publication Date: June 2002
ISBN: 9780727731098
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Adjudication provisions are now a fundamental part of construction contracts. A clear and concise understanding of the adjudication process is therefore essential. Practical adjudication for construction professionals presents practical advice on the process of adjudication...

Health and Safety in Construction: Guidance for Construction Professionals

Author(s): John Barber
Publication Date: March 2002
ISBN: 9780727731180
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All civil engineers and construction professionals concerned with the construction process have both professional and legal duties to take care, not only of their own health and safety at work, but the health and safety of others who might be put at risk. Health and Safety ...

Analysis, Design and Construction of Steel Space Frames

Author(s): G S Ramaswamy, Octatube, M Eekhout, Octatube and Technical University of Delft and G R Suresh, Consulting Engineer
Publication Date: February 2002
ISBN: 9780727730145
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£126.20 £157.75

Space frames provide a lightweight solution to the problem of creating large span enclosures free from obstructions. They are employed in many major constrcution projects across the world, as documented in this authoritatively written volume. This is the first in-depth boo...

Better Places to Live

Author(s): ODPM and CABE
Publication Date: September 2001
ISBN: 9780727730374
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“Where people live has a major effect on their life. If where they live is well-planned, well-designed and well managed, their quality of life is likely to be a great deal better than that of those who live elsewhere. Better places to live challenges local authorities and de...

Finite Element Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering: Volume two - Application

Author(s): D. M. Potts and L. Zdravkovic, Imperial College
Publication Date: May 2001
ISBN: 9780727727831
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£101.40 £126.75

This comprehensive new two-volume work provides the reader with a detailed insight into the use of the finite element method in geotechnical engineering. As specialist knowledge required to perform geotechnical finite element analysis is not normally part of a single engineer...