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Structural Dynamics for Engineers, 2nd edition

Author(s): H.A. Buchholdt and E. Moossavi-Nejad
Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN: 9780727741769
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Structural Dynamics for Engineers, Second edition is the essential introduction to the dynamics of civil engineering structures for students of structural engineering and graduate engineers. This book uses carefully-selected worked examples to instil an understanding of th...

Finite-Element Design of Concrete Structures, 2nd edition

Author(s): G.A. Rombach
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN: 9780727741899
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Finite-element Design of Concrete Structures, Second edition , is the structural engineer’s essential practical guide to the computational design of concrete structures. An increasing reliance on computer power means that now even simple structures are designed with the aid...

FIDIC Conditions of Subcontract for Construction: For Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer

Author(s): FIDIC: International Federation of Consulting Engineers
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN: 9782884320689
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For use in conjunction with the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction, 1st Edition 1999. The terms of the Conditions of Subcontract for Construction have been prepared by the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) and are recommended for use in con...

Stress Ribbon and Cable-Supported Pedestrian Bridges, 2nd edition

Author(s): Jiri Strasky
Publication Date: June 2011
ISBN: 9780727741462
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Stress Ribbon and Cable-supported Pedestrian Bridges provides a definitive practical guide to the skills, knowledge and understanding required by the practising engineer. ‘Stress ribbon bridges’ is the term used to describe structures formed by a very slender concrete deck...

People and Organizational Management in Construction, 2nd edition

Author(s): Shamil Naoum
Publication Date: May 2011
ISBN: 9780727741516
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People and Organizational Management in Construction, Second edition , applies management concepts to the construction industry, addressing the ways construction organizations can seek to improve their performance and effectiveness by understanding human and organizational b...

ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management

Author(s): Edited by Ian Walsh
Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN: 9780727741110
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The ICE manual of highway design and management is a one-stop reference for all practicing engineers working in the field of highway engineering. Written and edited by a wide selection of leading specialists, this manual covers each of the key aspects of highway engineering...

Portland Cement, 3rd edition

Author(s): Lesley Struble, Paul Livesey, Peter Del Strother and G Bye
Publication Date: April 2011
ISBN: 9780727736116
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The third edition of this popular book provides a concise overview of the properties and manufacturing processes of Portland Cement, which students of material sciences and graduates looking to enter the cement or concrete industries will find invaluable. While Portland Ceme...

ICE Manual of Construction Law

Author(s): Edited by V. Ramsey, A. Minogue, J. Baster and M. O'Reilly
Publication Date: December 2010
ISBN: 9780727740878
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Part of the ICE manuals series, ICE manual of construction law is the essential legal reference for all construction professionals. Previously published as the annual ICE construction law handbook , ICE manual of construction law has been thoroughly revised and extended,...

Planning Major Projects

Author(s): Roger J. Allport
Publication Date: October 2010
ISBN: 9780727741103
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Planning Major Projects is a new, practical guide to developing resilient infrastructure and offers insight and guidance for planners seeking to deliver major projects on time, within budget and in line with operational goals. Planning Major Projects advocates a new appr...

Structural systems: behaviour and design Volume 1: Plane structural systems

Author(s): Leonidas Stavridis
Publication Date: October 2010
ISBN: 9780727741066
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Promoting and underlining the importance of structural thinking, Structural Systems: Behaviour and Design will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the behaviour of a wide range of structural systems based on the load-carrying mechanisms involved. Bringing...