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Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers in Great Britain and Ireland - Volume 3: 1890-1920

Author(s): Edited by R.C. McWilliam and M. Chrimes
Publication Date: August 2014
ISBN: 9780727758347
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The third volume of the authoritative source of information on the engineers who designed public works over the past 300 years. Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers in Great Britain and Ireland discusses the lives of the people who were concerned with awe-inspiring e...

Partial Saturation in Compacted Soils

Author(s): Edited by Domenico Gallipoli
Publication Date: March 2013
ISBN: 9780727757753
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£66.00 £82.50

Compacted soils are relevant to many geotechnical applications, from earth dams to infrastructure embankments, nuclear waste disposal and rammed-earth buildings. Every geotechnical structure made of compacted soils will include sections that remain partly saturated at least f...

Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering, 2nd edition

Author(s): Edited by Sanjay Kumar Shukla
Publication Date: November 2011
ISBN: 9780727741752
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£115.60 £144.50

Handbook of Geosynthetic Engineering details the different types of geosynthetics and their practical application for students and for practising engineers seeking efficient, cost-effective solutions to civil engineering problems. Written by subject specialists, the second...

Bridge Design to Eurocodes: UK Implementation

Author(s): Edited by Steve Denton
Publication Date: October 2011
ISBN: 9780727741509
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£115.60 £144.50

As of April 2010, Eurocodes replaced British Standards as the principal design standards for bridges in the UK. In support of the transition the Bridge Design to Eurocodes: UK Implementation conference held at the Institution of Civil Engineers in November 2010 brought impo...

Concrete Durability

Author(s): Edited by Marios Soutsos
Publication Date: October 2009
ISBN: 9780727735171
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£165.20 £206.50

Concrete Durability is a comprehensive, practical guide for engineers involved in designing concrete structures of all types. Featuring contributions from leading practitioners and academics in the field, it combines a thorough but accessible exposition of the principles of d...

Ensuring Reservoir Safety into the Future

Author(s): H. Hewlett
Publication Date: September 2008
ISBN: 9780727735225
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£147.60 £184.50

Latest essential information on reservoir safety from the heart of the water management profession The new title from Thomas Telford contains the proceedings from the 15th Conference of the British Dam Society. Ensuring Reservoir Safety into the Future discusses key topics...

GEOTECHNIQUE Volume 1, Number 1 - Special 60th anniversary re-print

Author(s): Editors: R. GLOSSOP and H. Q. GOLDER
Publication Date: July 2008
ISBN: 9780727736000
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£21.60 £27.00

A unique opportunity to purchase a re-print of the first issue of the world renowned Géotechnique journal Established for 60 years, Géotechnique is ICE's world-leading geotechnics journal, publishing the cream of the international community's output on all aspects of geote...

Risk and Variability in Geotechnical Engineering

Author(s): Edited by Dr. M. A. Hicks, PhD
Publication Date: January 2007
ISBN: 9780727734860
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£74.80 £93.50

This book presents cutting edge techniques for characterising, quantifying and modelling geomaterial variability in addition to methods for quantifying the influence of this variability on the performance of geotechnical structures. It includes state-of-the-art refereed journ...

Strategic Risk: A Guide for Directors

Author(s): Actuarial Profession and Institution of Civil Engineers
Publication Date: May 2006
ISBN: 9780727734679
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£57.00 £71.25

"Reading this report will make company directors think hard - and few will decide to ignore its cogent and direct advice" - Dr Martin Barnes, Executive Director, The Major Projects Association and President, The Association for Project Management The success of enterpris...

Applications of Nanotechnology in Concrete Design

Author(s): Professor Ravindra K Dhir, Dr Moray D Newlands, Dr Laszlo J Csetenyi
Publication Date: July 2005
ISBN: 9780727734082
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£69.40 £86.75

Concrete is at something of a crossroads: there are many opportunities and some threats.  For those opportunities to change into beneficial practice, engineers, material scientists, architects manufacturers and suppliers  must focus on the changes that are required to champio...