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Communication for Professional Engineers, 2nd edition

Author(s): W. Scott, Consultant and Bertil Billing, Consultant Engineer
Publication Date: April 1997
ISBN: 9780727726308
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The skill of communicating effectively is rarely an inherited gift and the majority of people, who are not blessed with this instinctive flair, have to work hard to develop and acquire the ability. Communication for professional engineers is a practical and down-to-earth gu...

Preparing International Proposals

Author(s): Robert E Bartlett, Consultant, Germany
Publication Date: April 1997
ISBN: 9780727725820
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The modern engineer has two key tasks: successfully completing projects and working to win the next one. In the past, a proposal may have been little more than a brief letter, accompanied by one or two CVs. Now, to tempt prospective clients, engineers have to submit a compreh...

Cement Chemistry

Author(s): H F W Taylor
Publication Date: April 1997
ISBN: 9780727725929
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H. F. W. Taylor was for many years Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at he University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Since 1948, his main research interest has been the chemistry of cement. His early work laid the foundations of our understanding of the structure at the nanometre leve...

Numerical Methods in Structural Mechanics

Author(s): Mr Zdenek Bittnar and Mr Jiri Sejnoha
Publication Date: April 1996
ISBN: 9780727725554
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Fast development of numerical methods in mechanics has been attracting an increasing number of students, researchers and design specialists from all branches of engineering. This book has been written to provide an understanding of the nature and the theoretical basis of th...

Risk and Reliability in Ground Engineering

Author(s): Edited by B. O. Skipp, Consultant
Publication Date: August 1993
ISBN: 9780727719867
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Risk, the management of risk, reliability and related issues are coming increasingly to the fore in civil engineering. There is growing awareness that most decisions are made under uncertainty, and therefore rational, transparent and adequate approaches are required. This is...

Slope Stability Engineering: Developments and Applications

Author(s): Edited by R J Chandler, Imperial College
Publication Date: April 1991
ISBN: 9780727716606
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This volume draws on the experience and extensive research of an international authorship to bring together details on slope stability, causes of landslides, landslide prevention, new techniques for assessing and predicting stability, new methods for stabilising slopes and the...

Negotiating Skills in Engineering and Construction

Author(s): Bill Scott and Bertil Billing
Publication Date: July 1990
ISBN: 9780727715173
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This book is about the personal skills which engineers use in negotiations. It covers the different negotiating skills needed during all three phases of a contract: to secure it, during its lifetime, and to settle outstanding matters afterwards. The book also shows how to res...

Vibration of Solids and Structures Under Moving Loads

Author(s): Ladislav Fryba, Research Institute of Transport, Prague
Publication Date: May 1999
ISBN: 9780727735393
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This book analyses the effects of moving loads on elastic and inelastic solids, elements and parts of structures and on elastic media, namely beams, continuous beams, beams on elastic foundations, rigid-plastic beams and thin-walled beams, frames, arches, strings, plates elas...

Smart Concrete (ICE Themes)

Author(s): Edited by Ravindra K Dhir OBE and Kevin Paine
Publication Date: September 2019
ISBN: 9780727764577
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Smart Concrete (ICE Themes) brings together fascinating insights into this new and evolving field of concrete. In defining smart concrete as concrete that is capable of responding automatically to the actions imposed upon it, research has sought to develop concrete that is s...

Recommendations for the Inspection, Maintenance and Management of Car Park Structures, Second edition

Author(s): ICE, Chris Whapples and Leo McKibbins
Publication Date: January 2018
ISBN: 9780727758392
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£41.25 £55.00

Recommendations for the Inspection, Maintenance and Management of Car Park Structures, Second edition provides technical guidance, and establishes a benchmark for good practice for car park owners, operators, and engineering consultants. Against the background of new health...