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Design of Linear Drainage Systems

Author(s): Dr Matin Naqvi, University of Bradford
Publication Date: September 2003
ISBN: 9780727732224
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This book guides the reader through the hydraulic design of drainage channels in which the volume of flow increases linearly from one end of the channel to the other. This situation is very common in roof gutters and highway drainage channels, both of which receive water from...

Challenges of Concrete Construction: Volume 1, Composite Materials in Concrete Construction

Author(s): Edited by R K Dhir, University of Dundee
Publication Date: August 2002
ISBN: 9780727731746
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Concrete is a global material that underwrites commercial wellbeing and social development. There is no substitute that can be used on the same engineering scale and its sustainability, expolitation and further development are imperatives to creating and maintaing a healthy e...

Concrete Industrial Ground Floors 2nd edition

Author(s): ICE Design and Practice Guide
Publication Date: July 2002
ISBN: 9780727731371
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The quality of floor surfaces in industrial and commercial premises can be vitally important to effective business operations. Smooth floors are particularly important for storage operations, but strength, durability and economy are demands imposed by all industrial applicati...

Urban Design Guidance: Urban Design Frameworks, Development Briefs and Master Plans

Author(s): Robert Cowan/Urban Design Group
Publication Date: July 2002
ISBN: 9780727731357
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The publication of the Green Paper on Planning has magnified the significance of urban design frameworks, development briefs and master plans. Despite general recognition that making places socially, economically and environmentally successful depends on high standards of u...

Dynamics of Estuarine Muds

Author(s): R Whitehouse, R Soulsby, W Roberts and H Mitchener, HR Wallingford
Publication Date: November 2000
ISBN: 9780727728647
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The ability to predict the movement of cohesive sediment within coastal, estuarine or inland waters has a significant economic and ecological importance in the development of new engineering works and the maintenance of existing installations. Dynamics of estuarine muds clear...

The Role of Cost Saving and Innovation in PFI Projects

Author(s): Construction Industry Council
Publication Date: June 2000
ISBN: 9780727728791
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As PFI matures, inevitably questions are being asked about the role of cost saving and innovation. This publication presents the findings of a study designed to test the proposition that PFI will yield value for money by stimulating innovation. It surveys people responsible f...

Integral bridges: A fundamental approach to the time temperature loading problem

Author(s): George England, Imperial College, Neil Tsang, University of Strathclyde, and David Bush, Highways Agency
Publication Date: February 2000
ISBN: 9780727735416
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In recent years, integral bridges have become increasingly popular in the UK. The Highways Agency standard now requires, where possible, that all new bridges with a length of less than sixty metres should be of integral form. In addition, it has been found that, due especiall...

Asphalts in Road Construction

Author(s): Edited by Robert N Hunter, Hunter & Edgar
Publication Date: January 2000
ISBN: 9780727727800
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This book is an essential guide to all facets of asphalt technology as applied to the construction and maintenance of highways and reflects the very best of UK asphalt and pavement technology. Written by an international team of leading experts, it covers all aspects of fully...

The Philosophy of Risk

Author(s): John C Chicken, Consultant and Tamar Posner, Safety Assessment Federation
Publication Date: April 1999
ISBN: 9780727726667
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This book gives decision-makers a logical overall philosophy of risk that will enable them to make sound and consistently defensible decisions about the acceptability of risk. The authors examine a variety of activities - as diverse as major industrial projects and medicine, ...

Concrete in Coastal Structures

Author(s): Edited by Richard T L Allen
Publication Date: April 1998
ISBN: 9780727736376
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Many types of structure are subject to maritime conditions, and construction and maintenance of coastal structures is a major part of the construction workload of any country bordering the sea. This book is a comprehensive source of information for all who are concerned with ...