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Crossrail Project: Infrastructure Design and Construction - Volume 3

Author(s): Edited by Mike Black
Publication date: 31 August 2016
ISBN: 9780727761293
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£59.60 £74.50
The construction of the Crossrail project began at North Dock in Canary Wharf in May 2009. Seven years on, it is the biggest railway construction project in Europe and is one of the largest single infrastructure investments undertaken in the UK. It consists of 21 km of new twin-bore tunnels under central London and 10 new world-class stations const

Dams - Benefits and Disbenefits; Assets or Liabilities?

Author(s): Edited by Andrew Pepper
Publication date: 22 August 2016
ISBN: 9780727761330
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£154.00 £192.50
This book contains the proceedings of the 19th Biennial Conference of the British Dam Society, Dams - Benefits or Disbenefits; Assets or Liabilities? Work to reservoirs and dams today covers far more than engineering, and the papers in this book show how engineers integrate their work with other disciplines to minimise the adverse impacts of sch

Bridge Monitoring: A Practical Guide

Author(s): Campbell R Middleton, Paul RA Fidler and Paul J Vardanega
Publication date: 22 August 2016
ISBN: 9780727760593
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£64.00 £80.00
Bridge Monitoring provides practical guidance on the monitoring of bridges, with a particular focus on the use of sensor technologies and bridge monitoring systems. As vital infrastructure assets, it is important that bridges are monitored effectively to ensure that they continue to be safe, operational and appropriately maintained. Bridge Monit

Wireless Sensor Networks for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring: A best practice guide

Author(s): David Rodenas-Herráiz, Kenichi Soga, Paul Fidler and Nicholas de Battista
Publication date: 22 July 2016
ISBN: 9780727761514
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£64.00 £80.00
Wireless Sensor Networks for Civil Infrastructure Monitoring provides expert guidance on the selection and use of wireless sensor network (WSN) technology for structural monitoring of both existing infrastructure and new construction projects. The purpose of this guide is to consolidate a generic methodology for the design and implementation of WSN

Whole-Life Value-Based Decision-Making in Asset Management

Author(s): Rengarajan Srinivasan and Ajith Parlikad
Publication date: 22 June 2016
ISBN: 9780727760616
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£44.00 £55.00
Whole-Life Value-Based Decision-Making in Asset Management is a comprehensive guide to improving the effectiveness of infrastructure asset management by determining the level of expenditure on infrastructure assets in order to maximise life-cycle value.

Transforming the Future of Infrastructure Through Smarter Information: Proceedings of the International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Author(s): RJ Mair, K Soga, Y Jin, AL Parlikad and JM Schooling
Publication date: 21 June 2016
ISBN: 9780727761279
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£140.40 £175.50
The International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction (ICSIC) brings together world-leading academics and practitioners from the fields of infrastructure planning, asset management and sensing. Transforming the Future of Infrastructure through Smarter Information covers a wide range of topics of relevance to smart infrastructure and

Construction Planning, 2nd edition

Author(s): Richard H. Neale, David E. Neale and Paul Stephenson
Publication date: 12 April 2016
ISBN: 9780727760579
Stock level: In stock
£29.40 £36.75
Construction Planning, 2nd Edition;is a thorough guide to the use of planning techniques, key concepts and the latest developments in the field of project planning. It explores the construction planning process in the digital age by taking a closer look at the most effective principles and practice, including the latest technological development

Civil Engineering Special Issue: Humanitarian engineering

Author(s): Editor: Simon Fullalove
Publication date: 05 April 2016
ISBN: 9780727761774
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£31.00 £38.75
This special issue of Civil Engineering on humanitarian engineering shares and celebrates some of the tremendous projects that civil engineers are carrying out in the humanitarian field. These eight papers aim to open discussions about best practice and lessons learnt for the future.

Dredgers Contract, Second edition (2016 Blue-Green Book)

Author(s): FIDIC
Publication date: 01 April 2016
ISBN: 9782884320764
Stock level: Low stock
These Conditions of Contract have been prepared by the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) in close collaboration with the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) and are recommended for dredging and reclamation work. The ultimate decision on the form and content of the document rests with FIDIC. The aim has

Health and Safety: Questions and Answers, 2nd edition

Author(s): Pat Perry
Publication date: 15 February 2016
ISBN: 9780727760746
Stock level: In stock
£33.20 £41.50
Health and Safety Questions and Answers is a practical handbook providing best practice solutions to a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about health and safety. This book explains and covers approved codes of practice, legal requirements and the latest guidance on a wide range of health and safety topics. Although employment environm