Refurbishment Projects: Health and safety management

Author(s): Edited by David Oloke
ISBN: 9780727761590
Publication Date: 08 June 2020
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Refurbishment Projects by David Olokeis a qualitative reference tool for exploring health and safety management and risk management of alteration, renovation and refurbishment projects. As the need to make old stock more energy efficient increases…

Subjects: Professional practice: Health & SafetyArchitectureBuilding constructionRefurbishment and conservationStructural analysisStructural maintenanceStructuresUrban design and planning
Product code: 9780727761590

Refurbishment Projects by David Oloke is a qualitative reference tool for exploring health and safety management and risk management of alteration, renovation and refurbishment projects. As the need to make old stock more energy efficient increases in line with the requirements of sustainable development, the number of extensions, loft conversions, basement constructions and other retrofit projects, has increased. Refurbishment Projects explores the planning of alteration and refurbishment construction projects, involving complex activities such as collecting and analysing various sources of information related to the existing structure, end-of-lifecycle operations and the safety risks of potentially unknown conditions.

 Refurbishment Projects

  • provides a better understanding of alteration, refurbishment and renovation of projects and their uniqueness in terms of health and safety management
  • outlines key health and safety considerations that must be explored to successfully manage and deliver a refurbishment project
  • assists practitioners involved with refurbishment projects to undertake their health and safety responsibilities effectively
  • facilitates the education and training of students, graduate Engineers and other construction professionals in the matters of health and safety management in alteration and refurbishment projects.
Refurbishment Projects is essential reading for practicing engineers with varied duty roles under the CDM Regulations. Students, graduates, architects, builders, surveyors, building designers, contractors and others engaged in the construction industry will gain an understanding of planning, decision making and implementation of alteration, refurbishment and renovation projects.

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Book Reviews

Focusing on health and safety management in construction and the issues that have led to the main challenges faced, this book gives a clear and interesting overview of the concerns. Set out in logical chapters covering the most popular types of projects from technical issues relating to extension and refurbishment projects to basement construction, innovation and sustainability practices. I particularly liked the case studies illustrating factors associated with alteration and refurbishment projects including risk assessment, asbestos, working at height and the collapse of structures. 

Sarah Melville-Crowe 

Besides being an informative read for practising engineers, builders, building surveyors and scholars, this book on the management of health and safety in refurbishment projects appeals to professionals interested in engendering 'no harm' in construction. Across the ten chapters can be found processes, procedures, technologies and case studies that showcase best practices. The golden thread of the monograph is on how to ensure that the delivery of refurbishment projects is untainted by diseases, illnesses, injuries, and fatalities. The lessons from the case studies will help practitioners to make high-quality, safe and healthy decisions in refurbishment projects.

Fidelis Emuze, Professor in Built Environment

The book emphasises that "sustainability is the keyword of the 21st century and is an important factor in achieving a resilient future." This book will be invaluable to those involved in refurbishing buildings, but it is also a good guide to how a well-managed approach to health and safety can benefit any scheme. 

Peter Hallsworth FCInstCES Chair, Professional Standards Committee 

David Oloke is SoABE Degree Apprenticeship Manager at the University of Wolverhampton and Principal Consultant for Progressive Concept Consultancy Ltd, Walsall, UK.

01. Introduction
02. Managing Alteration and Refurbishment Projects
03. Technical Issues Alteration and Refurbishment Projects
04. Building Adaptation Principles
05. Extension and Expansion Projects
06. Loft Conversions to Domestic Dwellings
07. Basement Construction, Extension and Alteration Projects
08. Innovation in Alteration and Refurbishment Project Delivery
09. Case Studies of Health and Safety Management in Refurbishment Projects
10. Sustainable Practices in the Project Lifecycle