NEC4 Practical Solutions

Author(s): Robert Alan Gerrard and Stuart Kings
ISBN: 9780727761996
Publication Date: 11 October 2017
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Publication status: Published
Publisher:ICE Publishing
Page size:246x189mm
Number of pages:200
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NEC4 Practical Solutions is an invaluable guide to the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract, providing a range of concise practical solutions for practitioners using NEC4 contract forms.With a focus on implementing good practice, this…

Subjects: NEC, Law and ContractsContracts
Product code: 9780727761996

NEC4 Practical Solutions is an invaluable guide to the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract, providing a range of concise practical solutions for practitioners using NEC4 contract forms.

With a focus on implementing good practice, this accessible guide will help the reader to avoid common project pitfalls, and to implement best practice, ensuring the delivery of successful, effective and efficient projects. The authors are both NEC consultants who have been actively involved in writing NEC documents for nearly 20 years and extensive practical experience handling queries received by the NEC Users’ Group Helpdesk.

The book follows the same structure as the ECC contract form, and uses a question and answer format for ease of reference. Each chapter also includes further thoughts and top tips, and references to further guidance. The book will provide readers with a helpful problem-solving tool, and a compendium of hints, tips and answers to common queries and problems that occur in practice.

Written for construction professionals, NEC4 Practical Solutions is an ideal companion for both experienced professionals and early career practitioners. It will be essential reading for engineers, surveyors, architects, project managers, supervisors, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and anyone else working with, or interested in working successfully with, the NEC4 suite of contracts.

Book Reviews

Following the release of the NEC4 suite of contracts in June 2017, there is a need to bring those in the industry familiar with NEC3 forms up to speed on the changes to this widely used contract family. This new book provides a clause-by-clause practical interpretation of the solutions to issues on the NEC4 family of contracts. The answers are full of a dry humour regarding the sort of mental tussles that many of us encounter every day. The issues and answers are succinct and broken down into the main clause areas. There is a clear and logical approach to the queries, enabling readers to model the answers to fit their own circumstances. I found that the ‘Further thoughts and top tips’ are worth a read in addition to the questions. In summary, I found the book to be an easy-to-digest way of learning – well worth reading.

Veronica Flint Williams, Environment Agency, Civil Engineering, Volume 171 Issue CE2 May 2018

This is not a clause-by-clause explanation of NEC – go to the NEC’s guide notes for that. This book is a collection of more than 250 questions and excellent concise answers on a wide range of NEC issues, covering both contract preparation and contract management. Most of the examples are based on frequently occurring questions to the NEC Users’ Group helpline. As most members are using the Engineering and Construction Contract, most of the questions are based on that contract. But there are also some questions relating specifically to other contracts in the NEC family. Also, of course, as there is such similarity between contracts, many of the issues are common to more than one contract. Both the authors are recognised NEC specialists, excellent trainers and passionate about sharing what they know and helping users of NEC contracts. They do that very well in this book.

Richard Patterson review in Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Management, Procurement and Law