NEC4: A User's Guide

Author(s): Dr Jon Broome
ISBN: 9780727762054
Publication Date: 17 September 2021
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NEC4: A Users Guide is a fully updated new edition of the essential book focused on working successfully with the NEC suite of contracts. It covers how the NEC family of contracts fit together, good practice prior to, and following award of the…

Subjects: Contracts Contract lawDispute resolution and claimsNEC (New engineering contract)Procurement and supply chains
Product code: 9780727762054

NEC4: A User’s Guide is a fully updated new edition of the essential book focused on working successfully with the NEC suite of contracts. It covers how the NEC family of contracts fit together, good practice prior to, and following award of the contract in the crucial first months. Each chapter draws on results of previous research, and the author’s substantial experience in helping clients, contractors and consultants to get the best out of the contract and improve project results for all participants. Clearly written and authoritative, the book provides straightforward explanations of the most important areas of the NEC4 suite of contracts, focusing on the Engineering & Construction (ECC) contract. The chapters contain a multitude of practical tips that help deliver better project outcomes.

This edition, comprehensively updated by author Dr Jon Broome, remains an essential ‘on the top of the desk’ companion for anyone involved in preparing, managing or contributing to an NEC4 contract. Watch an exclusive 'meet the author' video to learn how this guide can help you in your role.

From the Foreword to this book 

This Guide is replete with tips and practical advice for both new and experienced NEC users. It is worth finding the time to read it through carefully. 

Professor Rudi Klein, President, NEC Users’ Group 

Book Reviews

The User Guide outlines an approach to ensuring good management provisions are made within an NEC4 contract, with the added benefit of examples which assist the reader. 

Jillian Ferguson, Client Project Manager, Perth Transport Futures Project, Australia 

You can learn from it whether you are a seasoned 20 year veteran or a complete novice: it’s a guide for all. So dive in, enjoy – it’s very readable – and keep learning. 

Mark Giltsoff FCIOB, Project  Director, Balfour Beatty Construction Services, UK 

Back in 2012 I thought that Jon Broome’s NEC3 Guide was the best NEC book I had seen; now this new NEC4 edition is certainly the best. 

Warwick Fergusson, First Chair, Australasia NEC Users’ Group, New Zealand  

This new edition of Jon’s popular NEC3 book is a user-friendly guide which breaks down the complexities of the NEC contract and provides real-life advice to using the contract. As a lawyer who gets stuck into projects, I find Jon's war stories particularly interesting as he draws from the everyday user perspective. Moreover, his candidness at the flaws of the contract, and how to solve them, are enlightening. One to have to hand!

Sarah Schütte LLB ACIArb, Solicitor-Advocate; Director, Schutte Consulting Limited, UK  

Dr Jon Broome BEng PhD FAPM has been involved with the NEC since 1993, first as an academic and for the last 20+ years as an independent consultant. His consultancy experience ranges across the entire project cycle, both in the UK and internationally and working with clients, contractors and consultants.

Introduction and overview

1. Introducing the NEC4 family of contracts and how they fit together

1.1. An overview of the NEC4 family of contracts

1.2. How flexibility is achieved

1.3. How clarity and simplicity are achieved

1.4. The mechanisms for stimulating good project management and how they fit together

1.5. A quick run through of the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

1.6. Conclusion

2. Good practice prior to entering the contract

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Preparing the contract

2.3. Preparing the tender

2.4. Evaluating the tender

3.  Good practice following award and the crucial first month(s)

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Training and common understanding

3.3. Communications: principles and systems

3.4. Operating the payment clauses

3.5. The Accepted Programme

3.6. Early warnings process and application

3.7. Agreeing compensation events quickly, amicably and in accordance with the contract

3.8. Resolving issues and disputes

4.  Summary and last thoughts

Appendix 1: Who pays for Covid-19? Contract risk allocation under the NEC Engineering and Construction Contracts

Appendix 2: Write-up of workshop on Collaborative Working under NEC at the 2019 NEC People Conference